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About Us

At TX Technologies Malaysia, we are constantly developing new solutions and driving digital innovation to gain traction in the ever-changing tech landscape. We aim to shape the future of industries through innovative strategy, consulting and technology. With decades of expertise from operations to research, software development and project management, we strive to design and develop future-ready enterprise solutions for our public and private customers.

Our Services

Project Management

We equip our clients with the appropriate knowledge and skills to manage the planning and implementation of company projects, while ensuring strategic business goals are met from conception to successful completion.

Change Management

We help organisations systematically deal with the transition or transformation of its goals, processes or technologies to ensure changes are effectively embraced, adopted and used by the organisation. This in turn helps organisations respond quickly to market changes, embrace strategic initiatives, and adopt new technology more quickly and with less productivity impact.

ERP Consulting

Our team of experts are here to ensure that your organisation is getting the most from your ERP software, and that it completely meets the organisation’s business needs. This includes evaluating and implementing systems, mitigating risk, helping projects stay on time and on budget, and driving ROI.

Integration & Digital Innovation

We strive to conceive, lead, develop and execute digital innovation initiatives for our clients to improve the productivity and competitiveness of their organisation, and to help organisations realise their full business potential through the aid of technological advancement.

Product Development

Our team provides expert product development services to organisations, through quality design, implementation, quality assurance, maintenance, support and migration.

Our Products
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